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You are eligible to join the Made-for-Me program. Brand New Day has partnered with the experts at Healthrageous to provide eligible members with the Made-for-Me Meals program. This program is more than meals. It’s a personalized experience that gives you:

  • Ready to heat and eat meals at little or no cost that are diabetic and cardio friendly. Made-for-Me Meals makes it easy to eat healthy. Ready in minutes with suitable portions and essential nutrients.
  • A virtual health concierge to help you successfully manage your diabetes and heart health. You get timely tips for healthy eating at your fingertips via SMS text and/or email. It’s personalized to your preferences to help you improve your health.
  • A simple, electronic, real-time program for diabetic members to easily track blood sugar levels and progress towards reaching health goals. Use this optional program feature to help you stay on track!

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Interested in a consult with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist? Your benefit includes a virtual or telephone visit with a dietitian.  Call (949) 861-3447 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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The Made-for-Me Meals program is free of charge for eligible members with no ongoing obligation. You may discontinue using the program at any time. Opt-out of receiving messages by simply texting STOP to 88106 or clicking the “Unsubscribe” email link.