Meal Safety

Do I need to do anything to prepare the meals?

We keep it simple for you – just follow the heating instructions on the package to prepare your meals. All instructions are designed for heating in the microwave or conventional oven. Feel free to add something to the meal – like a side salad, avocado, berries, Greek yogurt, etc. - that is completely up to [...]

Are their preservatives in your meals?

Please read the label. On occasion, preservatives or nitrates may be used to extend shelf-life. In such a case, we list the ingredient on the food label.

Allergies and Special Conditions:

Should you have an allergy or other special medical conditions you are urged to take extra precautions. All our products provide a list of the ingredients contained on the labels as well as on our website. If you have adverse reactions to specific foods, it is your responsibility to avoid eating these foods. Healthrageous is not [...]