Text Messages and Emails

What if I do not receive a confirmation message?

It is possible that your phone plan is blocking short numbers, like 88106. Text the word HELP to the number 88106. If you do not receive a response, you may need to contact your carrier. The text messaging system is not case sensitive. Some email hosts block our email order confirmations. You can check your spam / junk folder [...]

What number will the text messages come from?

The Health Concierge messages come from 88106. This is also known as a short code or a short number. Status updates regarding your order’s shipment will come from a separate number.

How many text messages or emails will I get?

You will automatically be enrolled to receive 3-4 messages/week. (This excludes status updates regarding your meal order). If you enroll to receive additional support for managing and monitoring your blood sugar, you will receive additional reminder texts to track and record you blood sugar based on a schedule that you choose. You will be given [...]